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The Just Enough Security (JES) approach to
information assurance is based on the belief
that no one safeguard can completely protect
your critical information assets from a highly
motivated threat.  The JES security model
combines multiple layers of safeguards with
simple risk management tools to help you
achieve both the security of your information
assets and a return on your security

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Episode 46 - Security Leadership, March 18, 2007
Topic: Bot driven spam, discretionary faxing, quantum leaps, Oracle security, 7
habits of highly effective security leaders, pros and cons of risk management

Episode 46 MP3

Segment 1 Notes - Bot driven spam
               Fax discretion
               Quantum keys
               Oracle security
Segment 2 Notes -
7 Habits of Highly Effective Security Leaders
               The Pros and Cons of Security Risk Mgmt
Adventures in Security Podcast
Episode 47 - Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, March 25, 2007
Topic: Losing the war with malware, Xbox support team is a hole in the dike,
College campuses are wide open, External pen tests, Software assurance, and
Protecting your laptop from ad hoc wireless networks.

Episode 47 MP3  

Segment 1 Notes - Anti-virus vendors losing the war
                Xbox Live Support leaking personal data
                College campuses far from secure
Segment 2 Notes -
The value of penetration tests
                The sad reality about software assurance
                Protect your laptop from ad hoc wireless nets
Episode 48 - The Problem with NetBIOS, April 1, 2007
Topic: Wireless RFID encryption, CarderIM, Banker Trojans, Cisco NAC
vulnerabilities, data encryption, and NetBIOS challenges.

Episode 48 MP3  

Segment 1 Notes - Wireless RFID Encryption
                 Banker Trojans
                 Broken Cisco NAC Security

Segment 2 Notes - Data encryption is no panacea
                 The problem with NetBIOS
Episode 49 - Computer Forensics Part 1, April 29, 2007
Topic: Cisco NAC defaults create vulnerability, Vista may be no more secure
than XP, Securing and initial processing of a crime scene.

Episode 49 MP3  

Segment 1 Notes - Vulnerable Cisco NAC Defaults
                   Vista can't do it alone

Segment 2 Notes - Securing permission to search
                   Securing the scene and taking stock
Episode 50 - Computer Forensics Part 2, May 13, 2007
Topic: MOICE Office 2003 security plug-in, source routing infests IPv6, the
continuing risk of removable storage, preparing for electronic evidence
acquisition, preventing data leakage through swap and hibernation files.

Episode 50 MP3  

Segment 1 Notes -  MOICE Office 2003 Security Plug-in
                     Source routing infests IPv6
                     More problems with removable storage

Segment 2 Notes -  Preparing for electronic data acquisition
                     Swap and hibernation file data leakage
Episode 51 - Computer Forensics Part 3, May 27, 2007
Topic: Another government security foul-up, BlueFur anti-phishing solution,
Interpol security checklist, cracking a protected BIOS, and finding "hidden" data.

Episode 51 MP3  

Segment 1 Notes -  
Another Government Security Foul-up
                      BlueFur anti-phishing solution
                      Interpol security checklist

Segment 2 Notes -  Cracking a protected BIOS
                      Finding "hidden" data
Episode 52 - Phishing Undercover, 29 Sep 2007
Topic: Inexpensive lockable USB memory stick, risk management, large Web
sites expose authentication tokens, phishing undercover, and attaining
network-wide visibility.

Episode 52 MP3  
Adventures in Security Blog
Episode 53 - Desktop Application Virtualization, 7 Oct 2007
Topic: Information Security is about the data, desktop application virtualization,
and application streaming.

Episode 53 MP3  
Episode 54 - IT Security Essential Body of Knowledge, 14 Oct 2007

Topic: Security enhancements in XP SP3, review of native data encryption,
properly classifying security tests, Swiss move quantum cryptography into
production, and DHS releases IT Security Essential Body of Knowledge.

Episode 54 MP3  
Episode 55 - Recipe for Mobile Storage Security, 28 Oct 2007
Topic: SOX Television, inexpensive file encryption utility, TPM and Bitlocker.

Episode 55 MP3  
Episode 56 - Suspect Interviewing Techniques, 4 Nov 2007
Topic: Finding and dealing with rogue employees, crack WEP in less than 60
seconds, rainbow table LM password cracking, a really naive 419 scam victim,
and tips on interviewing insider suspects.

Episode 56 MP3